Lady Brains in San Francisco: Great Success!

A big thank you to all our friends, family, and supportive strangers who helped the ladies of Come Find Out, Anjelica Colliard and Krusty Wheatfield, raise the big bucks to renovate our humble art studio during our fundraising campaign, 20 Days of Brains.

Hell yea, we raised $275.

Celebration Dance

When my collaborator, Anjelica and I rolled up on the Embarcadero BART station in San Francisco last week, we bumped into my friend, Namtak, who was giving rickshaw rides to tourists in the city.  Happily he agreed to take us and all our wares to the venue. I felt like this was a good omen for the rest of the night.

Sayuri and Anjelica at The Grand Newsstand

We were laughing hysterically the whole bike ride because, damn, what an amazing and spontaneous way to arrive at our weird little art event.

J Sayuri and Come Find Out's setup in San Francisco

From there, it was a wild setup process which included opening up the newsstand, setting up the shelves, displaying brains on a separate display stand, and drinking secret art show wine. By the end of the night we had a pretty sweet setup with Come Find Out’s zines, including their newest, LOCO (Ladies Only Comics Only), my Animal Brains, Courtney Riddle’s zine machine, my new eyeball earrings (which will be on Etsy next week), Anjelica’s buttons and shrinky-dink earrings, and tarot readings by occult tarot queen, Alese Osborn.

Watercolor Animal Brain Art Prints in San Francisco
Now that we’ve raised the money, we’ve gotta put it to good use and reinvest in ourselves! We now have the financial means to finally hunker down and work on our art studio advancements, purchase a new ink drum for our risograph to create some wicked new art work. Dolla dolla bills y’all.


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