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  • Ritual Witch Zine Is COMPLETE


    Ritual is a book project that I’ve been working on for a little over a year and I finally have the finished copy in my hands today! Ritual witch zine is also available for sale online if you can’t make it to the release party on February 17 from 6-10PM in Oakland, CA.

    This book features the magical rituals of 9 artists and alternative healers. This book is 48-pages of pure magic and is risograph printed in blue. I illustrated most of the art in this zine, except for the inside of the front cover by @sludgepony and one of the images of the Protexion Ritual by Maren Preston.

    Here’s the table of contents so you can see what’s to come.

    • Alpha Wolf Prayer by Katie Wheeler-Dubin

    • General Offering Rite by Geo Padamanda

    • Rose New Moon Ritual by Jessica Wakeman

    • Waxing Moon Celebration of Life by Sayuri Kimbell

    • Acupressure to Banish the Patriarchy by Katrina Hanson

    • Grounding Safe Space Ritual by Anjelica Colliard

    • Sleepy Time Tincture by Victoria Hungerford

    • Protexion Ritual by Mothraqueen

    • Siren Song by Gabriel Christian

    I illustrated a series of drawings for Ritual. A hand or pair of hands for each ritual. Making these drawings and collages was probably the most interesting part for me because I don’t draw too much these days so this was nice to draw with microns again.

    If you are interested in buying this zine, please go here!

    Thank you to all the contributors and I will announce more details for the Ritual release party soon!

  • Psychedelic Commercial for Psychedelic Quest


    I made Psychedelic Quest and Other Hallucinogenic Journeys about a year ago. Yesterday, I was hanging out with my dear friend and fellow hapa artist lady, Marge Kalhor and she whipped out her handy dandy green screen while we were watching Twilight (excellent movie).

    We made this sweet commercial for Psychedelic Quest, which Margie did a great job of editing together really quick.

    Support the arts and buy this zine today!

    Psychedelic Quest and Other Hallucinogenic Journeys


  • San Francisco Zine Fest 2017

    I am happy as a clam over here in my studio, feeling that freaky summer wind on my bod, AND excited to announce that I will be tabling at SFZF on Sunday, September 3! Come and join me, Come Find Out, and 200+ other artists, writers, zinesters, freaks, and geeks at the 16th annual SF Zine Fest at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park.

    2017 San Francisco Zine and Alternative Book Fest
    In addition to this event being FREE and an excellent way to support the alternative Bay Area art community, here are an additional 3 reasons why you should go to SF Zine Fest this year:

      I will be (fingers crossed) debuting / selling / talking up my beautiful and freshly printed first edition copy of Ritual, a collaborative / illustrative / instructional handbook for alternative forms of healing. This two-color risograph printed art book will include rituals to increase and hone your personal and communal magic. Some highlights of Ritual include: alpha wolf prayer, acupressure instructions to banish the patriarchy, and sleepy time cannabis tincture recipes.

    Ritual Witch Zine Illustration Cover Art
    I plan on selling these ziney babies for $14, but friends get homie dealzzz. Love you. Come and get it. Sizzlin’ hot off the press!!

    Silly me, I always forget the application deadline SFZF, but Come Find Out does not! Come Find Out is the zine collaboration between two Oakland lasses, Anjelica Colliard and Krusty Wheatfield. Both of them will be off performing godly deeds around the world and will not be able to make it to SFZF.  I’ve been a longtime comic contributor to this Oakland zine collaboration, so lucky me! They asked me to be there in their stead <3 <3 <3

    Kelsey Westphal and the left and Anjelica Colliard on the right

    In addition to a tasty array of zines, comics, and art books, I will display new jewelry /accessories / prints. Stop by the Come Find Out table to get dinosaur ear dangles and grape earrings, sexy babe and sexy brain prints, and celebrity glitter buttons.

    Dinosaur Earrings

    Anjelica Colliard Grape Earrings J. Sayuri

    The Chase Erotic Lesbian Art Print Anjelica Colliard

    Human Brain Art Print Set of Three
    We do more than zines, folks! Come and get your sweetie something nice. Come and visit.

    Again, the 2017 16th annual San Francisco Zine Fest is on September 3rd from 11AM to 6PM at the San Francisco County Fair Building. Come and support alternative book makers and artists. You can see all my accessories on TinyPinkShoe and my brain prints on InnerStellarArt <3