• Japanese Demon Women Collage Series


    Japan is my motherland and a country with a rich history of demon and ghost lore.  I find myself becoming more and more drawn to my Japanese roots as I become increasingly disillusioned with America and my ability to ‘make it’ as an American female-identifying artist. Many Japanese ghost stories revolve around women in murderous situations – an unfaithful husband or survival in the cold depths of winter – and are transformed by those experiences, filled with unrelenting rage and undeniable insanity. These Japanese demon women remind me of the harpies of Western Greek mythology.

    I identify with the anger and wrath of these demons and the persistence of their restless spirits to haunt and hunt down the men that oppressed, cheated, or killed them. In a time when women, especially women of color, are being exploited, degraded and cheated in the United States, I think it’s important to revisit these stories of ‘unfeminine’ emotions like wrath and intense grief as a stern warning of what’s to come if we women are tested.

    As an artist, I usually turn to illustration to tell stories, but for this particular project I was drawn to the images in American magazines like Vogue and National Geographic. Please enjoy my work in progress for this series of seven collages inspired by Japanese folk tales of the ghost women that haunt the cities and countrysides of Japan.

    Yamababa - Mountain Witch
    Yamababa - Mountain Witch
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    I will be debuting these collages at the upcoming art show, Love & Monsters, this Saturday October 14 from 6PM – 11PM at VAMP (Vintage Art & Music for the People) in Oakland, CA. Here are the event details featuring some of my artwork!

    Love & Monsters Art Show in Oakland, CA

    I hope you can come and enjoy some art and perhaps be creeped by my artwork! I will also be selling 12″ x 12″ prints of these collages for $20. Hope and support your local artists!

    Love & Monsters
    Saturday, October 14, 2017
    331 19th Street
    Oakland, California 94612


  • Good Omen Market IV

    Find me and 50+ other artists at Good Omen

    Good Omen Market IV
    It’s happening again at Good Omen!

    Attending and spending your hard earned $$$ at Good Omen Market is an excellent way of supporting your local arts community and getting unique gifts for your loved ones. I’ll be at this event all day selling my zines, brain prints, dinosaur earrings, and aggressive feminist patches, among other unique items.

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    Saturday, October 14
    3pm – 9pm

    Classic Cars West
    411 26th Street
    Oakland, CA 94612

    Good Omen IV is the fourth installment of the East Bay’s handmade marketplace that takes place at Classic Cars West, with food and beer by Hella Vegan Eats. This event features artists & makers selling their handmade clothing, jewelry, zines, prints, accessories, and art. This event is also organized by two of my good friends and fellow artists, Anjelica Colliard and Dre Roelandt.

    Dre Roelandt Artist Portrait

    Organizer and vendor, Dre Roelandt will be sharing wares from her Ick Brand store. INSTAGRAM: @ick_brand


    Anjelica Colliard Artist Portrait

    Organizer, Anjelica Colliard, will be selling her hand earrings, prints, other unique wearables. INSTAGRAM: @jellicore

  • ASMR Crafting with Sayuri and Gabby La La


    ASMR Slime Crafting with Sayuri and Gabby La La

    I am collaborating with my sister, Gabby La La, to make ASMR crafting videos to better connect with our fans and share our art and music! Gabby is a talented sitar player and lead singer of the Oakland-based all girl psychedelic pop band, Snow Angel.

    Check out our first ASMR crafting video where I share how to make my dinosaur earrings. These dino danglers are available at any Snow Angel show or on my Etsy shop, TinyPinkShoe!

    Remember to wear your headphones and turn up the volume to listen to some relaxing ASMR crafting videos on YouTube.

    In our second video, Gabby teaches our audience how to make homemade slime with white glue, borax, food coloring, and glitter.

    Thanks for reading, watching and stay tuned for more videos!! Also make sure to subscribe to Gabby’s YouTube channel to find more cool videos like this!

  • Major Arcana Tarot Set


    For the past month, I’ve been secretly collaborating on creating a major arcana tarot set with my student, Thomas Hewitt. Here’s our little blurb about the deck.

    The Bolas Invocation Major Arcana Tarot set is the collaborative project of J. Sayuri and Thomas Hewitt. Thomas is a 13-year-old Berkeley, CA native who balances life between eighth grade, electronic music making, and his love for Magic The Gathering. J. Sayuri is Thomas’ friend and art teacher who is an Oakland-based illustrator and comic book artist. This deck is inspired by the artwork of Magic The Gathering’s Amonkhet Invocation series and the classic Radiant Rider Waite Deck.

    And here’s our artwork. We’ve been working really hard to create a Major Arcana deck that special to both of us!

    The World
    The World
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    Make sure to check out this freshly printed deck at San Francisco Zine Fest this upcoming Sunday, September 3 from 11am – 6pm at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park


  • Psychedelic Commercial for Psychedelic Quest


    I made Psychedelic Quest and Other Hallucinogenic Journeys about a year ago. Yesterday, I was hanging out with my dear friend and fellow hapa artist lady, Marge Kalhor and she whipped out her handy dandy green screen while we were watching Twilight (excellent movie).

    We made this sweet commercial for Psychedelic Quest, which Margie did a great job of editing together really quick.

    Support the arts and buy this zine today!

    Psychedelic Quest and Other Hallucinogenic Journeys


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