• Ritual Zine Witch Contributor Stories

    Introducing the Contributors of Ritual – A Book About Magical Practice and Spiritual Knowledge Sharing

    Ritual is my newest self-published zine book project that features the magical practices of nine witches and healers across California with my pen and ink illustrations. I am so grateful to be a part of this magical community of friends. I admire and love these people for contributing to this magic zine!

    Front cover art for Ritual, a collaborative book about witch rituals, tincture recipes.

    My friends sent me their healing tincture recipes, personal mantras, magical rituals in the winter of early 2017. I remember it was a dark time – shocked by the sudden loss of a friend and 35 other young creative souls in the Oakland Ghostship Fire. The recent inauguration of Don Trump was also difficult to stomach.

    However, since then, there has been some resolution. Though I will never see my friend again, the manager of the Ghostship warehouse was convicted with 36 cases of involuntary manslaughter. My friendship with Ara blossomed into other friendships. And though Donald Trump is still president, I am confident that he will get his, most likely tragically and hilariously. Ritual magic remind me of the circularity of events, how Karma is a reliable, sneaky and cheeky bitch and the ways we orbit each other like planets.

    The friendly witches in my galaxy make Ritual real.  Through our collaboration, we share our magical knowledge in protest of the status quo and in celebration of our divine magic. I summon Ritual to life by sharing the beautiful faces and stories of the nine contributors to Ritual. These people made this zine thoughtful, diverse, political, divinely feminine, and above all, POSSIBLE.

    The contributors are organized in order of their spell, mantra, recipe, or practice in Ritual.

    WOLF PRAYER by Katie Wheeler-Dubin

    Instagram: @kwolfd

    Katie Wheeler-Dubin likes to water her plants and dot her i’s and make pickled cauliflower. The fruit trees are blossoming in her backyard and she’s in love. She’s been writing since she was seven and has been obsessed with wolves since that age too.

    Ritual Zine Katie Wheeler Wolf Moon Prayer Magic


    Heretical squirf. Perennial derf.

    geo padamanda ritual rite

    ROSE NEW MOON RITUAL by Jessica Wakeman
    • Website:

    Jessica is an explorer of transformative life practices, inspired by the ancient wisdom traditions. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist focusing on career, relationship and life transitions. She believes that by leading the body back to balance, we restore our natural rhythm of health.

    Jessica Wakeman New Moon Rose Tea

    • Website: InnerStellarArt
    • Instagram: @spooky_slime_smile

    Sayuri is a water-born creature floating just below the surface. Backstroke swimming and admiring the clouds is an excellent way to relax. Making zines is not.

    Come close. Let me squeeze you with my tentacles.

    Sayuri Ritual Magic


    • Website:

    Katrina Hanson is an acupuncturist who focuses in hormone regulation for puberty, fertility, transgender wellness, menopause, and other times of hormonal change.

    Katrina Ritual Contributor Illustration

    • Website: softpulpyhands
    • Instagram: @jellicore

    Anjelica is an artist working in Oakland, CA. She enjoys making healing food, sharing her friends’ artwork, talking with insects, and sleeping next to her crystals. She is learning more about magic making everyday.

    Anjelica Ritual Contributor Illustration

    SLEEPY TIME TINCTURE ELIXER by Victoria Hungerford
    • Website:
    • Instagram: @ladyhungerhurst

    Sometimes I have my shit together, sometimes I can’t shit.

    Then I remember, there is an herb for that.

    Tori Victoria Hungerhurst Ritual Contributor

    PROTEXION RITUAL by Mothraqueen
    • Website:

    Inspiration oozes from cracks in the pavement of Reality, mistakes overlooked by architects of a sterile modern world. Spirits float above tied tongues, dead words piled in rotting heaps of misunderstanding and failed communication.

    Painting, sewing, printing portals so you can kick it with me in witch paradise. No haters allowed.

    Mothraqueen protection spell

    SIREN SONG by Gabriel Christian
    • Website:
    • Instagram: @genderjuicy

    Gabriel Christian can not swim as well as he can dream.

    They grew up taking ample baths though, imagining it was the sea.

    Gabriel Christian Ritual Contributor Illustration

  • Psychedelic Zine

    This psychedelic zine is for you!

    I am back and ready to share. It’s been a while, I know, but I’ve been a busy artist for the past few months! A lot has happened since my last post in July of last year: I opened another Etsy shop, finished another comic about my year, have protested at women’s marches and anti-Trump marches, and organize Tuesday Make Days at my house in Oakland!

    Psychedelic Quest and Other Hallucinogenic Journeys

    Something that am excited to share is that I finally finished my newest self-published zine, Psychedelic Quest and Other Hallucinogenic Journeys! This psychedelic zine is a unique collection of writing, art, and comics from ten Bay Area artists who share their psychedelic journeys.

    I also quit my day job in November to fully focus on supporting myself with my creative practice. No easy feat buy I’m somehow making it work!  When you purchase this zine, you are supporting Oakland artists like myself so don’t be shy and buy my psychedelic zine on Etsy for a cool $15 :)

    This zine makes the perfect gift for your favorite mushroom micro-doser, acid fiend, weed snob, or ayahuasca shaman.

    Psychedelic Quest and Other Hallucinogenic Journey is a zine exploration of the interior world of the psychedelic tripper. This self-published zine includes 36 pages of comic and illustrative magic.

    These 36 pages (front cover not included) were risograph printed on beautiful cream vellum paper in the magical printing press, Lemon Drop Press in Oakland, California.


    This zine was compiled by your truly and showcases the work of:

    Anjelica Colliard –
    Max Stadnik –
    Sanaa Khan –
    Krusty Wheatfield –
    Rachel Payne – IG femone43emb
    Ari Bird –
    Katie Wheeler-Dubin –
    Scott Tooby –
    Mystery Artist – It’s a mystery

    Take care and I hope to keep my supporters updated on what I’ve been up to and what’s to expect in the future! Love, Sayuri.


  • Kiosk Fest: Celebrating Self-Publishing, Art, and the Zine Scene in San Francisco

    Print is not dead in the Bay Area

    Zine Kiosk Fest in San Francisco California

    Take a walk up Market Street this weekend to celebrate the first-ever Kiosk Fest in San Francisco, CA. From Saturday, July 23 to Sunday, July 24 from 11am to 7pm each day, over 50 artists, writers, zinesters (or any combination of the above) will occupy the olive green kiosks that line Market Street from Embarcadero to 5th Street. Grab a zine or two!

    Location of Kiosk Fest in San Francisco, CA July 23 - July 24

    This indie book and art pop-up is equal parts zine fest, scavenger hunt and poetry reading. There will also be live music and tons of Pokemon about! :)

    Pokemon Ninetails San Francisco Zine Fest 2016The fest will feature over 50 vendors including:

    The Grand Newsstand Zine Distro in San Francisco California

    I will be proudly representing Come Find Out as well as selling my own work including my Animal Brain watercolor prints on Sunday, July 24th. Come Find Out is the brain child of Anjelica Colliard and Krusty Wheatfield. I’ll be selling their 13th zine installment, Hot Magic, at the kiosk. Hot Magic is a collection of illustrations, comics and writing that focus on occult eroticism and sexy spells. Learn more about Hot Magic here! Stay tuned for more details about which kiosk I’ll be occupying!

    Throwback to when Anjelica (1/2 of Come Find Out) and I had an event at The Grand Newsstand back in October 2015.

    Kiosk Fest San Francisco Come Find Out

    Again, here are the important details for what you will be doing this weekend:

    Who: YOU!
    What: Kiosk Fest 2016
    When: Saturday, July 23 – Sunday, July 24 from 11am – 7pm
    Where: Market Street, San Francisco from Embarcadero – 5th Street
    Why: To celebrate self-publishing, zinesters, artists, writers, publishers, and a sunny summer day in San Francisco

    Come Find Out's Zines Display

    Don’t know what a zine is? Check out this post

  • Celebrating Self-Publishers at Los Angeles Zine Fest

    Spotlight on Fellow Artists and Writers at LA Zine Fest

    Los Angeles Zine Fest Logo Made by Kenny Srivijittakar of Tiny Spendor

    Anjelica Colliard and I made the trek from Oakland to Los Angeles to join over 200 exhibitors at Los Angeles Zine Fest last weekend.  A huge reason why comic book artists and writers like myself exhibit is to meet other freaks like ourselves because, goddamn, writing and making comics is lonely as hell as you become more and more obsessive about your weird shit.

    It’s definitely a primal, psychological, find-your-tribe sort of pull that joins us at these events.  Holy shit, it is so nice to see everyone’s happy and relieved faces – realizing that they weren’t the only ones who were plugging along late at night or piecing together the funds to see their work through. But thank GOD, we torture ourselves in such a unique and productive way! Self-published literature and alternative comics are vital to share the stories that corporate America loves to ignore in this sick society.

    Thus, it is important for me to share the work of other artists who are making this same push.

    Los Angeles Zine Fest Comics 2016
    Come Find Out set up shop at table 141 on the first floor of The Majestic between Pensive Proletariat Press, based out of Bakersfield, CA and Angi Brzycki, who traded me her book, Love Letter for my Bill Murray: Axis of Love poster.  Before the crowds started pouring in, I took the chance to run around our ‘alley’ at LA Zine Fest and meet our neighbors.  Cheers to the beautiful human faces behind these alternative home-brewed publishers.

    Table 134 – Stumble on Tapes
    Table 135 – Carmen Monoxide
    Table 136 – Suicidal Goldfish
    Table 137 – Music We Hate & Your Unfriendly Neighbor
    Table 138 – PoP OOK!!
    Table 139 – Gracie CT
    Table 140 – Angi Brzycki
    Table 141 – COME FIND OUT
    Table 142 – Pensive Proletariat Press
    Table 143 – Not Shit: Skateboarding Zine
    Table 144 – Alma Rosa, Honda & Gloria Rivera

    Here, some of the zinesters respond to my question: What was your favorite part of LAZF and what were you most excited to exhibit?

    Stumble on Tapes

    Stumble on Tapes Music Videos LAZF
    Carmen Monoxide

    Suicidal Goldfish


    “The best part of LAZF was saying “hi” to many zinesters that I follow on Instagram and Tumblr. I was happy to meet the ladies that create Stumble on Tapes, because I truly love watching their YouTube videos with the cool musicians that they select for their acoustic sets. I was really excited to debut issue 9 of Suicidal Goldfish, because the front cover was a stencil.”

    Music We Hate & Your Unfriendly Neighbor

    PoP OOK!!


    “As always, the best part of the LA Zine Fest or any other zinefest is having the ability to meet people who share the same interests and goals that me and PopOok are generating…its amazing to find out how many people are interested in the things we do!! I don’t publish that often and the yearly zinefests also provide me with a deadline that allows me to push myself to get things done. 2. The most exciting thing i exhibited was the newest issue i just published!! i just released PopOok #3 and its the biggest and best yet!! ha! no, i’m really happy and so glad to share it with the world..each issue is an anthology that includes a lot of great art and music and i’m really proud of all the people involved!!”

    Gracie CT


    “The best part of LA Zine Fest: Truly all of it. I know that sounds cliche, but between how insane it was, to someone asking me to sign my business card, every minute of it was totally magickal.

    I was really excited to exhibit my brand new zine “worn as directed”, as well as my higher-end zines such as “this consciousness that is aware” and the “unusual photo zine”. Worn as Directed had been made only days previous and it was really well received. I’m going to be printing a screenprinted and letterpressed version next week. In terms of my other zines, it was just great to put out zines that I made during my undergraduate schooling at SFAI. They felt really personal to who I am and were also printed on really nice paper :^)”

    “Best part was the crowd….so many people. it was great to meet a bunch of people and find out what they are interested in.
    I was excited to about zucker fairey…although, i didn’t feel like people were that into them. i was away from my table but apparently someone that worked for Shepard Fairey came by and said something about it. I kind of wish I was there for that.”

    COME FIND OUT: Pure bliss from Sayuri, Anjelica, and the spirit of Krusty Wheatfield as we celebrate the release of Hot Magic, Come Find Out‘s 13th zine issue

    Pensive Proletariat Press


    My name is Andrew M. Timmerman. I write Radical Science Fiction, Poetry, and Essays. I have Schizophrenia and ADHD, so I write a lot about Mental Health. My monthly Zine, “Spaceships & Schizophrenia” is the culmination of those two components. You should check it out. On the first Blackstar LP, one of my favorite Rappers Talib Kweli exclaims, “Stop acting like a Bitch already, be a Visionary”. LA Zinefest was a big part of my doing precisely that. In doing so, I embraced the vulnerability and precarity that comes with any serious, worthwhile creative or intellectual endeavor. It was earnestly one of the best days of my life as well as one of the scariest. I met so many talented, wonderful people whom I admire deeply. I also forged what will surely be a lifelong bond with the friends who tagged along and assisted me. Pensive Proletariat Press is me printing the things that I want to. It’s modest but growing and LAZF was pivotal to that growth. Thus far it’s been only Zines and Chapbooks, but I have a few Book-length works I plan to release when my readership has grown a bit. I also have some collaborative projects in the work with friends and relatives. I’m also trying to convince a good friend to let me print her Poetry. has a lot of material to read as well as the webstore, check it out or don’t. I can’t wait for next year’s Festival.

    Not Shit: Skateboarding Zine

    Alma Rosa, Honda & Gloria Rivera



  • Hot Magic – The Zine About Erotic Spells and Modern Witchery

    Come Find Out – Fresh off the Press at 2016 LA Zine Fest!

    In Downtown Los Angeles at 2016 LAZF

    Don’t Know What a Zine Is?

    The doors to the 5th annual Los Angeles Zine Fest opened promptly at 11am on Sunday, March 6 at The Majestic in Downtown LA. My good friend and fellow zinester, Anjelica Colliard and I were there to celebrate Hot Magic, Come Find Out‘s 13th zine issue.

    As the exhibitors patiently waited, the first and second floor of the historic bank building quickly flooded with steady streams of hipsters, students, and older folk interested in cheap art, self-published literary work, and alternative stories.

    We knew many fellow zinsters from the Bay Area who were also exhibiting for LAZF including Tiny Splendor, there to release their newest literary feat, Box of Books, which is a pink Chinese pastry box full of 20+ zines. I managed to snag this print by Carolina Paquita who is based out of Brooklyn. This print/zine really struck me. Thank you!

    Caroline Paquita's Womanimal's Secrets to Surviving in this Sick Society

    But back to our sexy witch zine!

    Front Cover of Zine, Hot Magic, by Anjelica Colliard

    Hot Magic is the thirteenth issue of Come Find Out (CFO), a collaboration between Anjelica Colliard and Krusty Wheatfield.  Hot Magic started with an open call for illustrators, writers and comic book artists, which evolved into an anthology of modern-day magic. With blush inducing comics and illustrations, we explore our animal intuition and sexuality.

    Krusty was at LAZF in spirit as she is studying the ancient art of comic books in France. Read her introduction to Hot Magic below. Powerful, funny, poignant…weird. Klassic Krusty. I transcribed it below.

    Krusty Wheatfield's Introduction to Hot MagicKrusty Wheatfield's Introduction to Hot Magic

    Desire is a tricky thing. Everyone knows this. You want what you want and when you get it, it transforms into a banality. Magic can help you subvert this tendency by revealing the erotic power of transformation rather than being bummed out by it.

    The Erotic, if you follow George Bataille’s reasoning (for example), is a temporary suspension of death, or rather a privileged view into the mysterious generative power of sloughing off one state to assume another. Blood sugar sex magic, ha ha.

    So the erotic brings you into a state of continuity akin to that of returning to the soil, but this time with some other body’s freakiness – touching tongues with the mystery of existence. The occult & the erotic are on a spectrum, an ever-turning cycle upon which we should more often run our fingers down like the spine of a lover. Sex & magic, the erotic & the occult – these energies trouble the boundaries we move around daily, and for the better, separating the body from the metaphysical is not only dangerous but terribly boring! When you are in tune with the mischievous soul of the one recumbent & regal before you (or within you, if yr goin’ solo), are you not more fully resplendent & filled with cosmic glee?

    This delight in the unseen wonders nestled within our bodies & the primal pulsation to move toward places unknown has profound implications beyond yr chosen bower of bliss. With raging conservative cockatiels singing the praises of a border wall like some kind of goddam apple-pie-scented condom of hate, the onus is upon us to actualize our ability to romance the philosopher’s stone.

    We might go on and on about the loss of magic that modern technology & the history of imperialist rationalism propagate (or seem to), but we have no time for such humbuggery. This zine is here to help you visualized what can happen when the beast with two backs meets the book of the dead. We sing the body electric!

    Dark matter means that dark matters, in short. Moving through the murky corridors of consciousness does not need to mean being lost, rather a need to redraw our vision of world. A marauder’s map that let’s us see, briefly, steamy encounters heretofore unimaginable.

    Hot Magic is at your services with sigils, sensuality & body language of all kinds. May this thirteenth issue of Come Find Out give you the same post-coital angel glow we got while making it. We shall conceal & reveal, to conceal again, casting a zine spell, a wet dream via dry paper.

    May you be titillated & transformed, and never stop howling at the beauteous booty of the moon!

    Krusty Wheatfield & Jellicore

    I’ve been a proud longtime contributor to this zine and submitted Ritual, a four-page comic book about a young woman’s nighttime full moon ritual. You can see my comic in the flesh in Hot Magic – now available on Etsy!

    LA Zine Fest was a great experience to connect with other artists and writers in California and I look forward to more in the future. xoxo

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