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  • Holiday Comic Card 2015 and How You Can Help

    Support the comic book arts and chip in! HERE

    Don’t you just love snail mail?

    Well great, because it’s that time of year when YOU can support me to send YOU and YOUR a mini holiday comic book card. If you are wondering what the hell a holiday comic card is, please see my comic card from last year.

    Donate whatever you can! $5, $10, $50 – IT’S ALL GOOD. I’m trying to raise $300 to cover all printing and production costs associated with getting this autobiographical comic out to one hundred of my closest friends, family, and fans.

    J Sayuri GoFundMe Campaign for Holiday Comic Book Card
    Love you love you and thanks for all the support <3



  • Eyeball Earrings – Modern Day Evil Eye Pendants for your Protection!

    Moving from Brains to Eyeballs

    I started making eyeball earrings recently, in which I create anatomically sound images of eyeballs and make them into earrings – all dolled up with opal or lapis lazuli on an attractive gold cabochon tray.

    New Eyeball Earrings

    In the process of making these eyeball earrings, I researched the history of the ‘evil eye’ talisman.  The evil eye amulet originated in the ancient city of Sumer (modern-day Kuwait and Iraq) and has since radiated out to nations of the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Indo-Europe.  The evil eye is mentioned in the Torah as ayin ha’ra and its existence is acknowledged by modern Arabs, Jews, and Christians.

    Evil Eye Amulets

    The ‘evil eye’ refers to an inadvertent glance of envy and covetousness that was thought to ‘dry up’ living beings like babies, milking livestock, fruit trees and nursing mothers.  Though the effects of the evil eye may be harmful, the term ‘evil eye’ might be a misnomer because the person who gives the evil eye is not necessarily evil or even aware of their destructive gaze.  Perhaps then, the true evil of the evil eye is the failure to restrain envy in social situations.

    Jealous much?

    Interestingly, in the eastern Mediterranean and Aegean region, especially throughout Greece, there is a tendency to view blue-eyed people as bearers of the evil eye – probably because few native people have blue eyes and those who do show up, such as tourists, are given to praising and cooing over babies, who are thought to be most at risk from the eye.

    Protect your babies from the evil eye and buy a pair of handmade modern evil eye pendants on my Etsy shop!

    Blue Eye are Evil ?