20 Days of Brains Culminates at The Grand Newsstand

An Evening of Animal Brains, Tarot Cards, and Lady Zines on Saturday, October 24th from 6pm – 9pm in San Francisco

Save the date! In celebration of end of 20 Days of Brains (a fundraising campaign to raise money for Come Find Out through the release of 20 new Animals Brains), we team up with The Grand Newsstand, a / bookstore / zine store / art venue / generally cool (and tiny) hang-out zone to host a night of brains, tarot reading, and zines. 20 Days of Brains @ The Grand Newsstand

Where: The Grand Newsstand: 40 Market Street, San Francisco, CA
(north-west corner of Market Street and Stuart Street)
When: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Anjelica Colliard and I are going to put on the tiniest art show in San Francisco at The Grand Newstand where I’ll debut and sell the prints from the entire Animal Brain series. There will be 36 unique mammalian brain prints in the middle of San Francisco.

Check out the Animal Brains @ The Grand Newsstand!

This show is about art, science, and the magical in-between spaces that make life interesting. We hope to capture this feeling of mysticism and mystery of late-October skies by offering the San Francisco community solid witchery and tarot readings. Visit our resident oracle tarot witch, Alese Osborn, as she reads your past, present, and future.

Also, if you’re shy, just read the zines. Especially LOCO! LOCO stands for Ladies Only Comics Only.

Come Find Out's 12th Publication, LOCO!
LOCO is Come Find Out’s most recent and ambitious production yet. This 72-page beauty features comics from 20 female artists from around the world and is proudly printed on Lemon Drop Press’ risograph in Oakland, CA

The Greatest Newsstand in San Francisco
Support the arts, get your tarot read, bring a date. BAM.

Wild Boar Brain
Wild Boar Brain
Cross coronal section of Sus scrofa (Wild Boar) brain
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For these and 20 new brains, please visit my Esty shop, InnerStellarArt


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